Talking about The Gate film with Steve Sarowitz

I had the greatest pleasure interviewing Steve Sarowitz who is the Executive Producer of the film “The Gate: Dawn of the Baha’i Faith” which is about the Bab, the forerunner of Baha’u’llah who founded the Baha’i Faith in 1863.

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Transforming the world | Baha’i House of Worship | [Elevated & Meaningful]

In this video, Jennifer and I went to the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois for a weekend of consultation and discussing what each part of the Heartland region is learning about the process of growth in the neighbourhoods and cities.

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Drone shot by: MY PERSPECTIVE by Benjamin

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Talking about Bicentenary of Baha’u’llah’s Birth | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Here I am with Bette a local Baha’i from Saint Cloud Minnesota. Bette is sharing what she feels is the significance of Baha’u’llah’s 200 year anniversary of His Birth, and some of His fundamental teachings.

Please share some comments down below, what you and your community is doing to prepare for the Bicentenary coming up soon!

Interviewing SHADI TOLOUI-WALLACE | Baha’i Inspired Music | [Elevated & Meaningful]

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Baha’i-Inspired Poems with Armando Troche | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This time I am with my friend Armando Troche discussing the beauty of poetry and the power of writing when one is inspired. Armando is a Baha’i who pioneered to China for a few years in 2010 till about 2014 roughly. He is a powerful and soul-stirring poet you must listen to and see for yourself.

Find Baha’u’llah’s writings that Armando read for us here:

“Every word is endowed with a spirit, therefore the speaker or expounder should carefully deliver his words at the appropriate time and place, for the impression which each word maketh is clearly evident and perceptible. The Great Being saith: One word may be likened unto fire, another unto light, and the influence which both exert is manifest in the world. Therefore an enlightened man of wisdom should primarily speak with words as mild as milk, that the children of men may be nurtured and edified thereby and may attain the ultimate goal of human existence which is the station of true understanding and nobility.”

US-Iran exchange applicants rejected at UC Berkeley

In this video a few of my friends and I got together and planned a “Social Experiment” that emulated what the Baha’is are going through in Iran. The Denial of Access to Higher Education is a criminal act of disgrace by the Iranian government. Please SHARE this video to raise awareness and bring an end to Iran’s heinous acts of cruelty to the Baha’is, the largest religious minority in Iran!

#EducationIsNotACrime #NotACrime #UCDavis #UCBerkeley UC BerkeleyEducation Is Not a Crime #IRAN


US-Iran exchange applicants rejected at UC Berkeley – or were they?

Hundreds of UC Berkeley students took part in a social experiment – without knowing it – as part of an awareness-raising campaign for the denial of higher education to tens of thousands of young Baha’is in Iran. The Baha’is are Iran’s largest religious minority and are persecuted by the government for their beliefs. Baha’is believe in gender equality, peaceful non-violence, and education for all.

A team of Berkeley students and alumni staged a campus pop-up advertising an exchange program for students and professors with universities in Iran. People who signed up were offered free cupcakes and asked to fill out a simple form with just three questions.

Do you believe in the equality of men and women?
Do you believe in world peace?
Do you believe in universal education?

People who said yes to these questions were in for a surprise.

The social experiment was designed to help students on the Berkeley campus – one of the world’s most prestigious universities – feel for a few seconds what Iranian Baha’is have been feeling for almost 40 years.

Young Baha’is are barred from teaching and studying at Iranian universities. But education can never be a crime.


Can Scientists Believe in God? | Dr. Enderle | UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Dr. Enderle is a Chemist and a Theologian. He teaches Chemistry at UC Davis, and he is interested in the idea that God and Science can actually “share the same space” if viewed differently, than the traditional view. His point of view is very close if not the same, as the perspective of the Baha’i teachings on the concept of Science and Religion.

The following is a quote from Abdu’l-Baha:

“Any religious belief which is not conformable with scientific proof and investigation is superstition, for true science is reason and reality, and religion is essentially reality and pure reason; therefore, the two must correspond. Religious teaching which is at variance with science and reason is human invention and imagination unworthy of acceptance, for the antithesis and opposite of knowledge is superstition born of the ignorance of man. If we say religion is opposed to science, we lack knowledge of either true science or true religion, for both are founded upon the premises and conclusions of reason, and both must bear its test.”


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Interfaith Gathering UC Davis | Mosque Vandalized | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Last Sunday some people decided to disrespect the beautiful blue Mosque, the Islamic House of Worship here in Davis California which is right across the UC Davis campus on Russell Blvd. The individuals who vandalised the place shattered a few of its doors on the right side of the Mosque and the back doors which are made of glass. A lady was recorded on surveillance camera putting bacon on the glass door handles and they had also flattened a few if not all bikes that were locked in sight.

Due to this tragic situation, in less than a few days the Muslim community asked for the neighbouring faiths such as the Christian and Jewish communities to come together for a united effort to pray together and stop any forms of prejudice.

All kinds of people were there from all over the world and it was a very beautiful gathering, akin to the kind of community and world we will eventually have in the near future!

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