A Message to Iran and the World | Naw-Ruz | Baha’i Faith | [Elevated & Meaningful]

My message of hope to Iran’s glorious future!

Link for Baha’u’llah’s Book and the chapter I referred to in the video
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Consumer Culture | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I had a thought about the way we live our lives here in the USA. I wanted to talk about the culture of consumerism and the attachment to material things. I thought this could open the way for further questioning and thinking about this topic so that we become aware to not get worse.

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Secret Plaque | UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I found a secret Plaque with Baha’i Writings on it! Watch the video to see what it says!

The quote from Baha’u’llah could be found here under the link below:

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almost Accompaniment | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This video is not representative of the totality of what accompaniment looks like, it’s just a few friends dedicated in their local neighbourhoods who have gathered to discuss what they have so far learned and how we can keep on learning and growing our communities. That’s why I didn’t allow a full discussion to be in this video, rather my video is to merely show that such conversations are taking place in this dark age of the world, that there are individuals who exist that are committed to building up a new “Divine Civilization” as envisioned by Baha’u’llah (The Blessed Beauty).

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Strive – A Baha’i Song

Here’s Strive, a Baha’i Song performed by a group of Baha’i Youth from Malaysia

Strive that your actions day by day may be beautiful prayers
Turn towards God, and seek always to do that which is right and noble,
Enrich the poor, raise the fallen, comfort the sorrowful,
Bring healing to the sick, reassure the fearful, rescue the oppressed, bring hope to the hopeless,
Shelter the destitude

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