Iranian Government Campaign to Deny Baha’is Access to Higher Education

Iran’s government officials are doing all they can to prevent Baha’i students from continuing their higher education.

Please go to Iran Press Watch website to read more about the situation of Baha’is in Iran here:

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Iran Bans Baha’is Education | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This video is about putting pressure on Iran’s current government to stop persecuting its Baha’i citizens. Originally shared in Education is Not a Crime Facebook Page.

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Release Baha’i Yaran Now | [Elevated & Meaningful]

The Baha’i Yaran in Iran have been in prison for 9 years and the charges are unsubstantiated. Please support using the below hashtags and tweet about this to raise awareness.


A Message to Iran and the World | Naw-Ruz | Baha’i Faith | [Elevated & Meaningful]

My message of hope to Iran’s glorious future!

Link for Baha’u’llah’s Book and the chapter I referred to in the video
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Education is Not a Crime | Saeid Shanbehzadeh | Palace of Fine Arts 2016 | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Education is Not a Crime presents Saeid Shanbehzadeh to perform in support of bringing an end to Iranian government bothering young, creative, and open-minded students, to finally allow education to really be open to all people within Iran’s borders. Iran has been persecuting Baha’is for over 200 years and the current Iranian regime doesn’t see Baha’is as human beings that deserve the basic human rights the rest of the people have. The Baha’i Faith is a religion that seeks to unify all mankind in one universal cause, one common Faith, and the teachings of the Baha’i Faith mention that all major religions of the world are one and the same, that their differences arise only due to the varying needs of the time in which they appear, to elevate the conditions of the world. But, the spiritual teachings remain constant regardless of time. The main reason why there is so much difference is due to the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Divine Texts, and also due to people following in the footsteps of their forefathers, and tradition rather than investigating the truth of religious teachings and their main purpose.

Humanity should never experience problems such as the denial of access to education, this is the most basic human rights we all deserve regardless of what one confesses to believe or what religion one decides to follow.

Please, whoever reads this and watches the video, do what you can to bring an end to how the government of Iran is treating its minorities by sharing this video, talking about this subject to your friends, family, and peers.

You may find the links below helpful for more information about the #EducationIsNotACrime & #NotACrime:

Shanbehzadeh Ensemble:

Maziar Bahari Founder of Education is Not a Crime Campaign:

Maziar Bahari was also the journalist who was arrested for smuggling photos of the riots that broke out in Iran in 2009, to BBC. Read for bit more detail below:
“In June 2009, BBC journalist Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-born Canadian citizen, returned to his native country to interview Mir-Hossein Moussavi, the prime challenger to incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When Moussavi’s supporters protested Ahmadinejad’s declaration of victory, Bahari smuggled footage of the riots to the BBC. He was soon arrested by the Revolutionary Guard and — led by a man known only as “Rosewater” — was interrogated and tortured for 118 days.” (Introduction to the “Rosewater” 2014 movie, directed by Jon Stewart).

Song by dyalla – Inquisition

Education is not a crime | Laura Hemmati | TEDxULB

“Education is not a crime”, which tries to get education recognized for some of the most determined students there is! Universal education is a vital factor for the full participation of individuals in every society.

Laura is a political speechwriter and motivational speaker. Originally from Scotland, Laura works in Brussels. She was recognized for her work on female leadership by U.S. President Barack Obama last year and believes universal education is a vital prerequisite for full participation in every society.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Education is Not a Crime – Colby Jeffers featuring Lucy Brand

To learn more about the #EducationisNotaCrime campaign, visit:

To download the song, go to:…

The song “Education is Not a Crime” was inspired by the #EducationisNotaCrime campaign, which aims to highlight educational discrimination in Iran, most frequently aimed at the members of the Baha’i Faith, and inspire individuals to take action.

The song was written by Phoenix Hip-Hop artist Colby Jeffers, features Cameroonian singer Lucy Brand, and was produced by Cameroonian music producer D-Grey.