2 thoughts on “What you’d ask God | UC Davis 4K | Deep Questions | [Elevated & Meaningful]

  1. Marion says:

    Very interesting! Because I have been a Baha’i for so long, it is sometimes difficult to remember that many people still do not know why “bad things happen” in the world. And of course there is the questions on heaven and the afterlife. One I found particularly appealing was the one on the “right” doctrine. Good to remind us about what is going on in the minds of people.

  2. Sarv Mithaqiyan says:

    Marion thank you for this wonderful comment! Yes, I also find great delight in hearing what people’s thoughts are on some of the things I take for granted, which as you said: “have been a Baha’i for so long”. It is definitely important to share what some people’s thoughts are on such topics as what you will find in my YouTube videos that I upload weekly. Please continue to stick around and leave more comments in the future!

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