Happy Ridvan

The Festival of Ridvan: Day 1

On this day in 1863, the world’s newest independent faith was born in a beautiful rose filled garden known as the Garden of Ridvan (pronounced: rez-vahn). Every year Baha’is around the world commemorate the 12 days in which Baha’u’llah, the prophet-founder of the Baha’i Faith spent in this garden declaring his mission of peace, unity and love.

In honor of the First Day of Ridvan, this video combines visual effects by Setareh Samandari and Habib Zagarpour with an original score by renowned composer Jack Lenz to imagine what that glorious day would have looked like.

To learn more about the Baha’i Festival of Ridvan visit: BahaiTeachings.org/Ridvan

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Producer: Jack Lenz
Songwriters: James Seals, Kingsley Thurber, Jack Lenz.
Vocal Group: Countermeasure
Vocal Arranger: Aaron Jensen

Visual Effects: Setareh Samandari
Visual Effects Consultant: Habib Zagarpour

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Happy Ridvan!
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Song by Joakim Karud – Luvly