4 thoughts on “Baha’i-Inspired Poems with Armando Troche | [Elevated & Meaningful]

  1. breogan O'Moal Dougnaic says:

    Very Moving And Most Eloquent!

  2. Leenakaisu says:

    Dear bahai media, Please don´t use the terms Bahai poet and bahai poems. Looking from the art world there is not such thing what you could or should call bahai art, we are not there yet. I´m professional artist my self and feel really awkward when our community uses such misleading terms. There is bahais who are artists, poets ,composers,painters .

  3. Sarv Mithaqiyan says:

    Thank you for your suggestion we changed the title to Baha’i-Inspired Poems. If you watch the video you will see that Armando wrote a poem about Tahirih and mentions Baha’u’llah in there indirectly. There is no problem with the title now. Armando is a Baha’i also so there is no problem. There is no harm being committed. Thank you again!

  4. Bhakta Raj Ranjit says:

    Alla’u’Abha! I have been Bahai for last 40 years. Now a day, I am writing poems and short stories on the basis of Bahai teachings. They are in Nepali and I have started to translate into English slowly. I would like to share my contributions. It is nicer to contact with poets and story writers. Finally, publish them.

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