7 thoughts on “Baha’i Fasting | [Elevated & Meaningful]

  1. Sue Emmel says:

    Thank you, Sarv. I have just one question: early in the video you stated that fasting is for people who are well-off so that they can know what it is to be destitute. I’ve never heard that before. Is there a reference to it in the Writings?

  2. Linda says:

    Hi, Sarv,
    Just to note: Short Obligatory Prayer is said between noon and sunset daily and sitting down facing the Qiblih after preforming your ablution. I think you said between dawn and sunset.

  3. Sarv Mithaqiyan says:

    That is totally my mistake! I will try to delete that part.

  4. John says:

    ‘Alla’u’Abha Sarv. Well done and good effort. Thank you so much. I will share it for others. God Bless and enjoy your fast.

  5. Rose says:

    I hope you don’t mind me making this comment. Please redo this video and correct your possible mistakes and talk about topics with certainty, rather than saying: ” I think…” Otherwise this is a great video. well done for making it. I would love to share the edited version. 🙂

  6. Fary Walker says:

    This was great!!!!!! Now when one is fasting we understand the reason Why?????

  7. Tesfaye Teferra says:

    The writings are always sweet and excellent but I don’t know how much we Bahai’s understand the secret of all the mysteries of God ?

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