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Rainn Wilson & Tom Price – Becoming Your True Self (Part 1)

Rainn Wilson & Tom Price discuss how we can release our true potential as spiritual beings in this first part of the series “Becoming Your True Self”

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Sacred Space: Impressions in retrospect, 40 years since the destruction of the house of the Bab

On the 40th anniversary of the destruction of the house of the Bab in Iran, three Australian Baha’is reflect on their pilgrimage to this sacred space. The house of the


The Gate by Navid Lancaster

The track listing is: 1. Childhood 2. Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim 3. Revelation 4. Letters Of The Living 5. Persecution Of The Believers 6. Fort Tabarsi 7. Anis 8.

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Bicentenary 2019: 2/19 – The Search for the Promised One

On a hot afternoon in May 1844 a young man named Mulla Husayn arrived in Shiraz with his two companions, they had no idea what was about to happen…

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Bicentenary 2019: 1/19 The Irish Physician who met the Báb

Dr. William Cormick, whose family came from Co. Kilkenny in Ireland, is the only Westener known to have met the Báb. Here is the the story of Dr. Cormick’s meetings


Posters for Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab made by Iranian Graphic Designer

Link to download high quality images: You can download PSD files from following links:

Elevated & Meaningful

Resource Guide for the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab | Baha’i

Hello everyone, This video is dedicated to the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab. It goes through a variety of websites and online pages created for the upcoming celebration


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Design concept for the Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Full story can be read at

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Dawn of the Light

Two hundred years ago, the Báb appeared, inaugurating a new Dispensation and preparing humanity for the light of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation. Dawn of the Light portrays several individuals from different continents