Let your vision be world embracing… — Bahá’u’lláh

We are Baha’i Media. This website is not an official Baha’i website. Our goal is to create a new media community that shares spiritual and inspirational content on the internet. We began with our Facebook page in January of 2010 and even though it has been a challenging journey, the experience has been rewarding as we gained more fans showing interest, sharing our contents and supporting us.

This website is not strictly for Baha’is, we designed it for everyone who is interested in learning about a new perspective inspired by the Baha’i Faith and building a better society.

Content creators who want to share their work on matters of spiritual import are encouraged to send us their work whether it is a quote, video or an article. We will gladly share their work with more people to enjoy and benefit from.

We are not responsible for contents shared on this website since there will inevitably be different opinions or ideas out there and people may take the intent of each post out of context. Therefore, the responsibility lies with each of the creators who make contents and post them. In addition, we will review the content before sharing on the website to ensure each content meets the required media standard.

As we will learn more on our journey, we will keep attempting to reduce our mistakes and improve our website. In the near future, we will be making our own contents and sharing other people’s contents. We are just at the first step of our journey and we will need a lot of help and support from you to make this a community that we all can contribute and develop together to make it an experience that we all wish for.

Watch, Read, Share, and Comment to help us.

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