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Baha’i-Inspired Poems with Armando Troche | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This time I am with my friend Armando Troche discussing the beauty of poetry and the power of writing when one is inspired. Armando is a Baha’i who pioneered to China for a few years in 2010 till about 2014 roughly. He is a powerful and soul-stirring poet you must listen to and see for

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Journey from California to Minnesota | Baha’i Writings | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I moved to Minnesota on August 2, 2017, for getting my Masters degree in Journalism at St Cloud State University and teaching the Baha’i Faith. This video is a short documentary of my travel from California to Nevada, from Nevada to Idaho, from Idaho to Montana, from Montana to North Dakota and from North Dakota

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Journey to Minnesota | Video #1 | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I am moving to Minnesota for serving the Cause of Baha’u’llah and for Graduate School in Strategic Mass Communication at St Cloud State University. This is the first of a series of videos that I will make to share my long journey and to read some of Baha’u’llah’s Creative Word at the end of every

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The Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah Calligraphy | [Elevated & Meaningful]

O YE PEOPLE THAT HAVE MINDS TO KNOW AND EARS TO HEAR! The first call of the Beloved is this: O mystic nightingale! Abide not but in the rose garden of the spirit. O messenger of the Solomon of love! Seek thou no shelter except in the Sheba of the well-beloved, and O immortal phoenix!

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Reached 500 | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Thank you all who support me. Your love is truly overwhelming. Reaching 500 Subscribers means a lot to me I still can’t believe reaching this far. More videos are coming very soon please stay tuned for Elevated & Meaningful videos!

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Bye UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Saying bye to UC Davis — It’s been real it’s been good, it’s been really good! Won’t forget how I began to flourish in this environment. Song by Julian Avila – Dreams

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Preparing for Bicentenary Birthday of Baha’u’llah | [Elevated & Meaningful]

In this video, I am giving a quick update for not uploading a video in like 2 weeks. I also talk about how the Baha’is in Iran and Yemen are being persecuted for their beliefs. This is wrong and needs to stop immediately. Next, I talk about Baha’u’llah’s 200-year anniversary of His birthday is approaching

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Release Baha’i Yaran Now | [Elevated & Meaningful]

The Baha’i Yaran in Iran have been in prison for 9 years and the charges are unsubstantiated. Please support using the below hashtags and tweet about this to raise awareness. #releaseBahai7now #TwitterStorm

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VLOG at UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This is a video I made for fun. Please subscribe if you haven’t!

English Baha'i Videos

The Faith Uniting Diversity

Hikoyat Manasyan, an ethnic Tajik, and her Armenian husband Eduard Manasyan are members of Armenia’s Bahá’í community. Considered one of the youngest religions in the world, the faith traces its origins in the early 1800s and is named after its founder Bahá’u’lláh which means, “Glory of God” in Arabic. The faith places the spiritual unity

Education is not a Crime

US-Iran exchange applicants rejected at UC Berkeley

In this video a few of my friends and I got together and planned a “Social Experiment” that emulated what the Baha’is are going through in Iran. The Denial of Access to Higher Education is a criminal act of disgrace by the Iranian government. Please SHARE this video to raise awareness and bring an end

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What you’d ask God | UC Davis 4K | Deep Questions | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Happy Ridvan! This time I asked another deep question please check it out and leave a comment! PS. This video is 4K so take advantage! Song by Joakim Karud – Luvly

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Do You Have A Soul? | 4K | UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I am back with some more questions I asked some UC Davis Students this time about the “soul”. Please check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed! Song by Dyalla – The Fear

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Some Answered Questions | Part 1:2 | Abdu’l-Baha | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Proofs and Arguments for the Existence of God This is the first in the series of videos where I will be reading a section of a chapter to hopefully start a discussion on the internet with my viewers please leave comments below! Song by Joakim Karud – Looking To The Sky w/Peter Kuli & Kasey

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Some Answered Questions | Part 1:1 | Abdu’l-Baha | [Elevated & Meaningful]

NATURE IS GOVERNED BY A UNIVERSAL LAW This is the first in the series of videos where I will be reading a section of a chapter to hopefully start a discussion on the internet with my viewers please leave comments below to start up a meaningful and elevated conversation! Song by Joakim Karud – Looking