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Release Baha’i Yaran Now | [Elevated & Meaningful] The Baha’i Yaran in Iran have been in prison for 9 years and the charges are unsubstantiated. Please support using the below hashtags and tweet about this to raise awareness. #releaseBahai7now #TwitterStorm Hit me up on Social Media: ►Twitter: ►FB: ► ►

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VLOG at UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

This is a video I made for fun. Please subscribe if you haven’t! Hit me up on Social Media: ►Twitter: ►FB: ► ►

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The Faith Uniting Diversity

Hikoyat Manasyan, an ethnic Tajik, and her Armenian husband Eduard Manasyan are members of Armenia’s Bahá’í community. Considered one of the youngest religions in the world, the faith traces its origins in the early 1800s and is named after its founder Bahá’u’lláh which means, “Glory of God” in Arabic. The faith places the spiritual unity

Education is not a Crime

US-Iran exchange applicants rejected at UC Berkeley

In this video a few of my friends and I got together and planned a “Social Experiment” that emulated what the Baha’is are going through in Iran. The Denial of Access to Higher Education is a criminal act of disgrace by the Iranian government. Please SHARE this video to raise awareness and bring an end

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What you’d ask God | UC Davis 4K | Deep Questions | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Happy Ridvan! This time I asked another deep question please check it out and leave a comment! PS. This video is 4K so take advantage! Song by Joakim Karud – Luvly Hit me up on Social Media: ►Twitter: ►FB: ► ►

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Do You Have A Soul? | 4K | UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

I am back with some more questions I asked some UC Davis Students this time about the “soul”. Please check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed! Song by Dyalla – The Fear Hit me up on Social Media: ►Twitter: ►FB: ► ►

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Some Answered Questions | Part 1:2 | Abdu’l-Baha | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Proofs and Arguments for the Existence of God This is the first in the series of videos where I will be reading a section of a chapter to hopefully start a discussion on the internet with my viewers please leave comments below! Song by Joakim Karud – Looking To The Sky w/Peter Kuli & Kasey

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Some Answered Questions | Part 1:1 | Abdu’l-Baha | [Elevated & Meaningful]

NATURE IS GOVERNED BY A UNIVERSAL LAW This is the first in the series of videos where I will be reading a section of a chapter to hopefully start a discussion on the internet with my viewers please leave comments below to start up a meaningful and elevated conversation! Song by Joakim Karud – Looking

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It’s Spring Again Having FUN | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Talking about my new move to a house close to UC Davis like 15 minute north in a city called Woodland. I am going to be making a new documentary soon! I wanted to introduce who I am living with at this brand new house. ====================================================== Song by Joakim Karud – Looking To The Sky

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A Message to Iran and the World | Naw-Ruz | Baha’i Faith | [Elevated & Meaningful]

My message of hope to Iran’s glorious future! Link for Baha’u’llah’s Book and the chapter I referred to in the video Song link

English Baha'i Prayer

Seek No Other (in a garden in Lewes)

To Learn More about the Album Release, visit… An acoustic rendition of Seek No Other (from Year of the Nightingale) in the beautiful Southover Garden in Lewes, UK – a 5 minute walk from Kelly Snook’s It’s Not Rocket Science Studios.

English Baha'i Prayer

Luke Slott – Paradise

Learn More about the Album Release at… O Son of Being! Thy Paradise is My love; thy heavenly home, reunion with Me. Enter therein and tarry not. This is that which hath been destined for thee in Our kingdom above and Our exalted dominion. – From The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, Part 1, No

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Nobility | Baha’i | [Elevated & Meaningful]

O SON OF MAN! Veiled in My immemorial being and in the ancient eternity of My essence, I knew My love for thee; therefore I created thee, have engraved on thee Mine image and revealed to thee My beauty. (Baha’u’llah) ======================================================== O SON OF SPIRIT! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased

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Baha’i Fasting | [Elevated & Meaningful]

In this video I share the significance of Baha’i the Fast and obligatory prayer. Truly, fasting and the obligatory prayer help the progress of our souls. They also assist with its transcendence from the material things of this earthly temporary existence. There are many spiritual strengths and benefits one can derive from fasting and the

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Response to Reza Aslan | Judaism | Christianity | Islam | Baha’i | [Elevated & Meaningful]

To learn about the Baha’i Faith go to: BAHAI.ORG ======================================================== This video is my perspective of what I believe all the religions have done, and what their purpose is. It is just in my perspective not to be taking literally or authoritatively. I am just sharing how the Baha’i Faith is the newest of the

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Can Scientists Believe in God? | Dr. Enderle | UC Davis | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Dr. Enderle is a Chemist and a Theologian. He teaches Chemistry at UC Davis, and he is interested in the idea that God and Science can actually “share the same space” if viewed differently, than the traditional view. His point of view is very close if not the same, as the perspective of the Baha’i

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Real Baha’i Websites | [Elevated & Meaningful]

Hello everyone, please be very careful what you hear and read and where you find your sources! In this video I described how there are fake websites out there, including youtube channels that pretend they are authentic. I am just making sure if you are looking for any information or guidance about Baha’i Faith and